Every year hurricanes come through with terrifying moments including fatalities, causing people to panic due to uncertainty.


Hurricane Beryl began lashing Texas with rain and intensifying winds mandating people to stay inside and refrain from going out to get last-minute essentials.

We’ve put together 11 things you can do when any hurricane approaches to help you reduce stress and take advantage of downtime.

  • Find a soothing technique –  When you’re feeling uncertain or stressed, self-soothing techniques can help you regain balance and calm your emotions.
  • Deep clean is an intensive process that goes beyond regular cleaning. While regular cleaning helps maintain a neat and tidy space, deep cleaning targets hidden dirt and grime that accumulate over time. It’s like giving your home a thorough refresh!
  • Read a BookReading offers numerous benefits that enrich our lives in various ways. Here are some compelling reasons why reading is important:
    • Mental Stimulation: Reading stimulates your brain, keeping it active and healthy. Just as physical exercise benefits your body, reading exercises your mind. It has even been linked to a reduced risk of mental disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia1.
    • Stress Reduction: When you immerse yourself in a great story, stress seems to slip away. Reading provides mental space to escape everyday concerns and relax. Sometimes, you’ll even find valuable advice or solutions within the pages.
    • Knowledge Enhancement: Throughout history, books have been our source of knowledge. Reading allows us to learn about life, explore self-help topics, and delve into fiction. The knowledge gained from reading stays with us forever, unlike material possessions.

hurricane beryl flood crew

  • Build Relationships – call strangers and network with prospects. Building and maintaining relationships is essential for our well-being and personal growth. Remember, relationships enrich our lives, providing companionship, encouragement, and insight.
  • Catch up on TaskWrite down everything you need to do. Prioritize tasks and decide what’s necessary. Tackle the most important ones first. Reflect on opportunities to delegate, outsource, or optimize your time.
  • Plan an Activity – This might be something you do alone or with a friend or loved one. Think of what you’ll do in the future to give you hope that the current situation is going to pass through. Maybe you’ll go to dinner, take a walk on the beach, see a movie you’ve been looking forward to, or host a event. Focus on the details, such as what you’ll wear, when it will happen, and who will be there.

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  • Pray – Perfect time to be still and connect with God. Prayer is a beautiful form of communication with God. It goes beyond mere words; it’s a heart-to-heart connection. prayer blesses us, guides us, and opens our hearts to God’s grace. Here are some powerful benefits of prayer:
    • Shifts Focus
    • Deepens Relationship
    • Access to God’s Presence
  • Listen to musicmusic—a delightful companion that resonates with our emotions and transcends language!

Music serves various purposes for people:

    • Emotional Expression: Music allows individuals to express their feelings—whether joy, sadness, love, or excitement—through melodies, lyrics, and rhythms.
    • Relaxation and Stress Relief: Listening to soothing tunes can calm the mind, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. It’s like a gentle massage for the soul.
    • Creativity and Inspiration: Musicians draw inspiration from melodies, harmonies, and lyrics. It fuels their creativity and helps

sleep during hurricane beryl


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