(CBS DETROIT) – A Metro Detroit 13-year-old has received an invite to one of the most prestigious fashion events in the United States, New York Fashion Week 2023.

“That’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that most people will not get, says Langston Howard, founder and owner of “The Top”.

Langston’s mother, Jack Howard says as a young child, Langston always enjoyed art. She says that’s what helped sparked his interest in fashion. In 2021, he mentioned that he wanted to start a clothing line and in March of 2022, he made it happen.


“When he sets his mind to something it’s 0-100,” says Howard.

“He went to work. He went to work literally all on his own. He built the website. He found the manufacturer for the shirt. Figured out a way to do all the shipping, which then he launched The Top,” says Howard.

Howard says networking was integral to helping Langston find the opportunities to grow his brand. Alise Dixon, Chief Program Officer for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan says the organization has a fashion “Industry Club” program which helps young people learn how to market, network and work as an entrepreneur.

Langston got involved where he also had the opportunity to learn from mentors who were able to share their decades of experience with young entrepreneurs like Langston to help him grow his brand.

“We believe that everything we’re doing with youth should be making sure that they have the opportunity to do even better than their parents and grandparent before them,” says Dixon.

Through these networking opportunities, Langston has had the opportunity to network his brand at special events like the Detroit Auto Show and even show it off to people like Rapper Big Sean.


“The main goal of The Top is just to motivate people throughout their day, because that’s what the world needs right now after COVID and pandemic. This is what we need, as much positive energy as we can get,” Langston said.

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