As we came up to the establishment, we noticed there was a line of cars waiting to enter the parking lot. There was a parking attendant directing the traffic.

We had to form a line alongside a building that was staged with tents and a cooler full of ice and bottled water. On this day it was 100°  degrees.

Security was patrolling the vicinity and managing the doorway. Stood outside for about 15 minutes. surprisingly they were allowing approximately 10 people inside at a time.

The guard at the door was making the best of it, saying we were playing red light green light as he allowed people through the entryway!

Once inside, you can smell the aroma of beef patties and seasoned French fries. The staff was friendly and greeted visitors with a warm welcome, followed up with a thank you.


The restaurant chain fits in with the ordinary American burger joints with a limited-service restaurant style. The menu was simple. There are about five choices of burger styles; no toppings to be added, only cheese and caramelized onions.

The owner is proclaimed Rapper Bun B, who is now more famous for the exclusive line called Trill Burgers. 

bun-b-drake-2009-billboard-1548 bun-b-trill-burgers-good-morning-america-tiki-barber jayz-beyonce-bun-b wife queenie 

There has been so much support and feedback that can help the establishment learn from their mistakes. One review mentioned that the taste was not delightful, and the meat was smashed too thin.

Of course, with a few bad opinions, there’s ten times more good feedback and vibes to outweigh. Support from celebrities can be viewed online and on the interior walls of the dining area.

Recently the Houston location received a pop-up visit from Drake. He made his way to take a seat and enjoy a meal with his entourage.


There’s a trending buzz for the hottest places to eat in Houston Texas, when we say ‘hottest’ we’re not talking about the weather! The trend is safe environments, with good energy, and great food.