Shymane Robinson

32-year-old Shymane Robinson, an esteemed African-American Attorney and the founder and CEO of True Lawyer, has launched a trademark law firm to help transform communities by helping small businesses gain ownership of their brand and leverage their assets with real estate.

Attorney Robinson is on a mission to help one billion visionary entrepreneurs own, protect, and grow businesses that impact the world through trademarks and leverage their assets with real estate.

According to the USPTO, intellectual property protections account for more than $8 trillion in economic activity. It’s imperative that small businesses have access to gain ownership of patents, trademarks, and copyrights allowing them to gain exclusive ownership and be compensated for their creative inventions and ideas helping to close the wealth gap.

True Lawyer, is the first law firm ever to offer a Trademark Guarantee. Attorney Robinson understands that lack of legal representation contributes to the wealth gap. She comments, “To close this wealth gap, we must focus on ownership. Ownership of businesses, intellectual property, and real property. In an effort to increase ownership and help transform communities by ensuring no brand is left behind, my company offers predictable rates so business owners can plan ahead. In addition, we guarantee that if we clear a trademark and it doesn’t register with the USPTO for any reason, our office will Trademark your next mark at no labor cost to you until you gain ownership of your brand.” She is very confident in her Trademark service and is serious about helping business owners become OWNERS of their brands.

With almost five years under her belt as the leader of True Lawyer law firm, Shymane has grown a widely successful national law firm that focuses on transforming communities by helping small businesses gain ownership of their brand and leverage their assets with real estate.

In honor of Women’s Small Business month, True Lawyer law firm has made the official announcement to giveaway (3) free federal trademark applications; a value of over $1,500 each to help women-owned businesses protect their brand. One winner will be announced every Friday starting October 14, 2022.

Please follow True Lawyer’s Instagram account @Truelawyer_ to receive more information about this Giveaway and Trademark Guarantee. *Restrictions apply

About the company
Founded by Shymane Robinson, True Lawyer is a Chicago-based trademark and copyright law firm serving clients nationwide. True Lawyer help transform communities by helping entrepreneurs to own, protect, and grow businesses that impact the world. In an age where Black Wealth is reported to be $0 by 2053, True Lawyer has established it self as the go-to outlet for predictable flat-rate legal services ensuring everyone has access to legal. Ownership is the keystone to shortening the wealth gap in the black community. True Lawyer is one of few law firms that offer flat rate services and make legal representation accessible to clients who do not have deep pockets or qualify for pro bono services. Learn more at

About the founder
Shymane Robinson was raised in Chicago, IL. She is an accomplished attorney and real estate investor. She is passionate about helping clients create wealth through ownership of both intellectual and real property, as it’s the keystone to building wealth. As a real estate investor and small business owner Shymane understand the importance of owning real estate or starting a business as the first step to establishing wealth.

For press inquiries, contact or 312-442-0057.

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