Ebony Cochran

Ebony Cochran, a mompreneur from Detroit, Michigan, has made history as the first and only Black woman in the city to own a Little Caesars Pizza franchise. She purchased one as a gift to herself on her birthday.

“I bought a franchise (and I came drive-thru)! Family this was hard to keep from you but I’ve learned to wait until the ink is dry to speak on things. I wanted to give myself the opportunity to run a business and not just be self-employed,” she shared on Instagram along with her photos at her new franchise.

According to the Michigan Chronicle, Ebony, who is also celebrating her 15 years of entrepreneurship, said buying the franchise was made possible because of her other successful business ventures such as Blackwood Credit Services, and The Tax Place, which she sold to H&R Block. She was even able to make the purchase in cash to avoid the worry of making monthly payments.

“Having a family business has always been a dream of mine but this route allows me to not have to build it from scratch,” she continued. “This is my 15th year as an entrepreneur and honestly I’m tired of building from brick by brick!”

Moreover, Ebony shared that although she had always dreamed of having a family business, buying a franchise was not part of her original plan. But she was inspired to take the leap when she learned that her daughter was interested in finding work aside from her other businesses. What’s more, she made history with her move.

She adds, “What I want you to know is that many in this space don’t look like me. I’m the first and only Black woman in the city and county. I’m sure this is the same in many other counties. We will change this though… one step at a time!”

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